Hospital & Health Systems

A Customized Staff Scheduling & Payroll System Across Different Disciplines

Traditional staff scheduling software is quite inflexible in adapting to the exact needs of a healthcare organization. Customization is often costly and time consuming. BMDS addresses the market needs of a customized scheduling system at an affordable price. Different specialties and institutions have their own way of creating a robust schedule that works for them within a healthcare system. The way OR nursing does their schedule can be quite different than how the physician assistants (PA). The S4 platform accommodates that by providing customized interfaces that can integrate all the data in a single database.

Block Scheduling Optimization

BMDS block optimization module monitors the surgeons’ blocks and executes predefined rules to trigger workflow events such as alerting surgeons to release blocks, moving cases to maximize OR utilizations and minimize overtime usage.

Turnover Optimization

BMDS utilizes a workflow engine and a communication platform to inform stakeholders when an OR needs a turnover. Personnel, clean up time, supply inventory count are all performed and tracked within our system for performance tracking and process improvement.

Comprehensive Quality & Performance Measurements

BMDS has expertise in designing, measuring, reporting, and benchmarking quality and performance measures. Data collection and filtering are often challenging for the analytics team in the hospital setting. Factors such as gaining access to data and lack of programming tools all contribute to suboptimal data analysis process so that administrators and project managers can spend more time to drive meaningful changes.

Translating Performance Results to Process Improvement

BMD's quality process improvement platform allows organizations to define, measure, analyze, improve, and control their operations. When changes are made in healthcare organizations, the lack of continuous monitoring often leads to non-compliance and inability to render benefits from these efforts. Our real-time decision support platform along with our communication platform help ensure compliance and address issue as they arrive, rather than after the fact.


We implemented S4 at 12 of our locations for over 300 providers. Having scheduling and payroll data in S4 allows us to generate reports for cost analysis, allocation, OR utilization, and staffing demands. We can now generate these reports real-time in an instant.

John Rampone

Steward Medical Group

S4 has been an integral part of our department for many years. It covers scheduling, staffing, timesheet, payroll, and secured messaging in an easy-to-use phone app. It's great.

Aileen Starnbach

Mount Auburn Hospital

Our PA team has been using S4 for scheduling and payroll. We have created an automated shift change and sign up function to make scheduling easier.

Alison Healey PA

St Elizabeth's Medical Center

We're currently using the turnover module to dispatch our anesthesia techs during turnovers. Turnover occurrence, location, time to completion, and work burden is all tracked automatically for review.

Tom Malboef

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center