S4 Staff Management System

Create Schedules

S4 streamlines the schedule making process. It takes requests, fairness, and credentialing information into account to create vacation, holiday, call, and daily room assignments. Automation and suboptimal alerts are configured to minimize mistakes.

Process Payroll

Healthcare timesheets can become complicated with ever-changing coverage demands that require special incentives to compensate staff members. Utilize our innovative timesheet feature that decrease payroll processing time by 80%.

Manage Staff Contracts

S4 helps today's healthcare organization manage a combination of full time, part-time employees, per diems, locums. Each of these employee contracts can vary in their compensation rates, paid time off, and additional incentives tied to coverage or performance.

Manage Compliance

Keep track of flu vaccine, CME activities, training certifications, and federal, state, DEA licenses. Have important information stored in one location with an alert system built in to avoid missing information.

Maintain Credentialing

Keep track of staff facility and payor credentialing with automated reminders, electronic forms, and electronic signatures. Paperwork are completed and signed within minutes intead of the traditional paper shuffling workflow.

Communicate Effectively

Secure messaging and notifications are utilized for staff compliance and minimize communication problems between providers and the back office.

S4 Anesthesia Information Management System

Ease of Use

Our mobile AIMS is optimized for a fast-paced anesthesia workflow. Special templates are designed for the most commonly used drugs and documentation. We are the first AIMS to support the Windows, Android, and iOS platform (including mobile phone devices).

Automate Billing Process

Patient demographics and insurance information is sent to billing department with procedure & diagnosis captured electronically. Detailed documentation allows improved CPT and ICD10 capture. Real-time concurrency alerts catch errors before records go to billing.

Capture Quality Data

AIMS is compatible with MIPS anesthesia quality measure set, including but not limited to AQI, ABG, Mednax, and e-preop measures. It allows providers to participate in the Quality Payment Program (QPP).

Increase Documentation Compliance

Standardization of anesthesia event capture ensures better documentation of anesthesia care. Data are easily exported for research and outcome studies.

Automated Device Data Capture

Vital signs are captured automatically into the anesthesia record in a reliable manner. Providers can focus on the patients instead of entering vital signs information.

Streamline Pre-op Assessment

By using the facility's EHR, AIMS can import patient information such as allergies, medications, and medical problems to facilitate the anesthesia pre-op assessment.

Real time alerts

Concurrency, compliance, charge capture alerts are utilized in real-time to ensure proper documentation of anesthesia care for reimbursement, risk management, and medical records.

S4 Stat App Healthcare Communication System

Collaborate & Communicate

The complete communication platform utilizes mobile phones, tablets, computers, computer on wheels, and laptops. Providers can easily communicate with one another to improve workflow.

Task Management

Turnover, patient consults, physician orders, transports, turnovers tasks are managed centrally and performance data is recorded to drive improvement.

Workflow Automation

Utilize our workflow engine to trigger specific alerts to certain providers. Delays are prevented as the system alert individual in real-time to what they need to do.

Inventory Management

Easily perform inventory counts or use our automated Al driven inventory management system to efficiently manage medical supplies and drugs. Equipment requests are sent through the platform and delivery tracking measures performance.

Up-to-Date Directory

The system is linked to a staff scheduling system which allows providers to find the correct staff. Providers can communicate directly with the person on call without having to look up a schedule or to call the operator.

Clinical Decision Support

Checklists and logical blocks are used to help providers monitor clinical situations in real-time to improve patient safety, outcomes, and efficiecy. Protocols are applied and actionable information is relayed to the right provider in a timely manner.