Intuitive and comprehensive interface for mobile platform.

S4 utilizes a mobile interface to allow easy viewing of the work schedule on an iPhone or Android phone. Work assignments can be synced to the user's other electronic calendars. Assignment and swap requests are easily created on the mobile app.

Compensation Management

Timesheet submission & payroll processing. Saves time and reduces errors.

S4 allows complex configuration of payroll and compensation for each staff members. Overtime, call pay and other incentives are defined for staff members, making it easier for them to submit necessary information to the timesheet processor. The system gathers all the information and makes the calculations to create a file to input into your payroll system. Reports are readily available for further analysis.


Tracking who works where, starting when, and doing what.

Practices that span multiple hospital systems may need to keep track of the providers' credentialing information. Provider's federal DEA, state DEA, state licenses, hospital credentialing, flu shots, PPDs can create a headache for practice managers. S4 keeps track of these information and creates alert notifications before some of these credentialing requirements expire .

EHR Integration

Interface with hospital schedules improves staff planning.

One of the main functions of an anesthesia practice is to match the demands of the operating rooms. Unfortunately, schedules are often unpredictable and coverage requirement changes day to day. By having a real time scheduling interface, practice managers can easily forecast ahead and identify days on which staffing is short.