Unique communication platform built specifically for healthcare.

Stat App is designed to streamline communication in the healthcare space. A healthcare organization typically takes care of patients around the clock. It is often a tedious task to figure out who's on duty and covering which patients. Stat makes it easy to connect and communicate with the right person.

Task Management

Tracking tasks leads to time savings & reduce duplication of efforts.

Patient throughput are often bottlenecked by waiting for equipment, transport, or waiting for orders and instructions from clinicians. Incorporating task management in our communication platform allows organization to track the performance of each tasks to improve overall efficiency.

Event Management

Staff meetings, flu shots, grand rounds & training sessions.

Stat allows users to create events, send invite to the right group of staff members and track their response and attendance.

EHR Integration

Interface with hospital allows notifications to be sent to specified audience.

By subscribing to triggering events such as patient arrival, Stat provides real-time status updates to clinicians who are involved.

Inventory Management

Tracking valuable assets, their use, & clean up completion.

Healthcare organizations often has trouble keeping track of their assets such as infusion pumps, ultrasound machines, and EKG machines. It's often difficult to track how often these devices are in use and whether proper disinfection was documented.