Ambulatory Surgery Center

Cutting Edge Software Solution

Standalone ambulatory surgery centers often lack the options to implement custom software solutions to improve their operations. BMDS is addressing the market need by providing enterprise grade software solutions to the ambulatory surgery center environment in a cost-effective manner.

A comprehensive Staff Management System for Scheduling & Payroll

S4 keeps track of each provider as the provider joins and leaves the organization. All of the provider's shifts, PTO, sick days are recorded in the system. Each staff's payroll information is also used to perform payroll tasks such as timesheet processing & PTO book keeping.

A Credentialing & Compliance Tracking System Decrease Burden Placed on Administrators

BMD credentialing module keeps track of each provider's licensing, CMEs, certifications, and training documentation and their expiration dates. The system automatically alerts administrators and providers to keep each item up to date for compliance.

Inventory Management System

Our inventory management system keeps track of the supply and medication use and the inventory count at each facility. Our system also keeps track of vendor supply chain issues to ensure continuation of service without disruption caused by supply problems.

Block Scheduling Optimization

Our block optimization module monitors the surgeons’ blocks and execute predefined rules to trigger workflow events such as alerting surgeons to release blocks, moving cases to maximize OR utilizations and minimize overtime usage.


Our staff are very happy with S4. It saves our administrators a lot of time making the schedule and staff communication has improved dramatically.

Greg Deconcilis

Boston Outpatient Surgical Suites

We use AIMS at our endoscopy center. Traditional AIMS would not be able to keep up with our fast paced operation. The information is electronically sent to billing and the compliance alert system catches many errors such as concurrency, missing times, and missing diagnosis.

Jim Epstein MD

Atrius Health Endoscopy Center Kenmore